19 Sep 2011

New virus targets motherboard and PC as soon as computer is booted

A new virus has been found that burrows into a computer's motherboard and infects the PC as soon as it boots up, according to MSNBC's website. The virus highlights the reason why people need to have antivirus software on their computer, as once this virus is on, it is hard to remove.

The threat is known as Trojan.Mebromi, a piece of rookit malware, according to the news source. It is malicious spyware the hides its presence on infected systems and then worms its way onto the basic input-output system build into a computer's motherboard. Once it's made its way into the BIOS via an attached file, the virus loads itself onto a motherboard, which gets executed prior to the loading of the computer's operating system.

"Think of it in terms of the human body: Mebromi doesn't infect the bloodstream on the way to the heart; it gets into the heart first and then takes control from there," according to Matt Liebowitz in writing the story for MSNBC.

According to KillAllVirus' website, the virus will take personal information and record it and destroy important files when present in the user's computer. The website said there is a way to get rid of it and install antivirus software and noted the virus should be removed as soon as possible.