28 Feb 2012

New virus looks to steal Mac passwords

A new virus for MacBooks is looking to steal users' passwords, so Apple users may want to invest in antivirus software and internet security to help keep all of their information safe.

The virus, a Trojan known as "Flashback," has been around for a while and has been known to disable antivirus software or infect computers by hiding in Adobe Flash installations or downloads. Matt Liebowitz of Security News Daily writes that the new version is stronger and said the stakes are higher for those who fall victim to it.

"To stay safe from the Flashback Trojan … it's crucial to keep all your software up to date, and to make sure you're running strong antivirus software on your system," Liebowitz told the news source. " Just because you're using a Mac doesn't mean you are impervious to malware and computer virus attacks."

Mac users who are running older versions of the platform, such as Snow Leopard, are most at risk for this virus. Making sure to install every Mac update that comes through as soon as possible and equipping the computer with an antivirus program could be important steps for Mac users this year.