03 Jan 2011

New Trojan targets Android devices

A new Trojan that targets Android-based smartphones and devices has recently emerged, mobile security firm Lookout reports. According to the firm, the malware steals private information and transfers through legitimate programs hosted on Chinese mobile app stores.

The Trojan, called Geinimi, collects details about the devices it infects, such as its location, and sends the information to remote servers. The Trojan also allows third parties to control the infected device remotely.

Geinimi has only been detected in China in third-party app stores. It has not been found in the official Google Android Market. “It is important to remember that even though there are instances of the games repackaged with the Trojan, the original versions available in the official Google Android Market have not been affected,” Lookout said in a blog post.

According to Lookout, users wishing to avoid the Trojan should only download apps from trusted application markets and should pay attention to app details such as the developer name, reviews and star ratings.

Mobile malware is expected to increase in 2011. One antivirus company predicted mobile malware would be one of the top internet security threats of the year.