24 Feb 2011

New report sheds light on cyber crime

A recent report from an online security company sheds light on the current trends of cyber crimes.

Over the past decade, security threats have evolved from virus writing to organized cyber crime activities. Windows continues to be the leading operating system targeted, but the report said the wider range of operating systems now being targeted may result in Microsoft losing its significant hold at the top.

Cyber criminals are divided into two factions. One group targets business organizations in the form of corporate espionage, information theft and smearing attacks. The other group of cyber criminals may target transportation systems and public service intrusions and steal personal information.

The higher number of attacks has increased the need for cyber security specialists, including ethical hackers, security auditors, penetration testers and computer forensic experts.

The report identifies the increased use of the internet, specifically on mobile phones, as a resource for information, communication and entertainment. With the increased use of mobile devices, botnets will continue to pose a threat to mobile phones and internet-enabled applications.

Just as cyber criminals are making millions of dollars scamming unsuspecting users, the Department of Defense is investing millions of dollars to combat these threats, adding more than $500 million for new research and technology.