10 Oct 2011

New or old, every user should have an antivirus program

When it comes to renewing the same antivirus program versus buying a new one, Ken Colburn of DataDoctors.com writes on KNXV's website that the only thing that matters is not getting caught in indecision. He said users need to be protected by a program, whether it is what they had before or completely new software.

"Not making a decision and letting your protection expire is the worst possible scenario as new types of malware that you will no longer be protected against are discovered every day," Colburn said.

Colburn writes that the majority of computers that have to go into his shop for service are badly infected with malware that came via an expired antivirus program the owner was meaning to get renewed. He said there is no such thing as "the best" antivirus program, but it is more a matter of whether the user has an antivirus program or not.

On Ed Bott's ZDNet blog, he said antivirus software is definitely needed. He said internet security software is only one piece of what should be a simple, straight forward and systematic approach to keeping a computer healthy.