16 Jan 2012

New Facebook scam promises pink Facebook

A new internet security scam tries to get users to click a link in an effort to turn their Facebook profile pink, but security experts warn that the link is faulty and may lead to a compromised account.

Emil Protalinski writes on ZDNet that users are told that they can switch to red, pink or black Facebook pages followed by a link that says they can "say goodbye" to the blue Facebook .

"It’s worth noting that it is possible to change the way your Facebook looks: colors, design, and so on," he writes. "These tweaks are usually performed by browser plugins or GreaseMonkey scripts, meaning they will only work on the computer you install them on. They also don’t require you to jump through hoops to get them working."

Users who click the link are told they have to go through multiple steps to get the change, such as sharing the link and leaving a comment to promote the new color. Users are also asked to take a survey to get personal information, which they end up making money from.

Users who see this link should use common sense and avoid it, as clicking the wrong thing on Facebook can be damaging to internet security.