14 Jan 2011

New explicit virus spreading in PowerPoint

A new malware campaign, hiding in a PowerPoint presentation showing explicit Kama Sutra positions, is wreaking havoc on computers around the world.

When users first click on the slide show with titles such as The Frog, Wheelbarrow and Lyons Stagecoach all appears fine. While viewing the slide show, a backdoor Trojan called “Troj/Bckdr-RFM,” automatically and inconspicuously plants malicious software in the system.

Once a computer has been corrupted with the Trojan, hackers can gain access to the computer and steal the user’s identity or send spam.

According to MSNBC, the virus is “the digital equivalent of a sexually transmitted disease” and is able to “enlist the machine as part of a zombie army of infected computers.”

When the slide show is opened, there are no immediate issues with the computer, making the virus so hard to detect. Users must use caution and stay away from the file titled called “Real kamasutra.pps.exe.” The file uses a common practice of virus writing called the double extension that has been used for many years.