10 Sep 2010

New email worm slams corporate America

Some of the largest companies in the world weren't spared by the latest email worm to hit the internet.

Among those affected by the "Here you have" scam include ABC/Disney, Google, Coca-Cola and NASA. MSNBC reported that Comcast shut down its server completely shortly after being infected.

The malicious message tells the user about a document they have been "expecting" and asks them to "check it out and reply as soon as possible." When a link in the email is clicked, the user is prompted to download a file, and the virus installs itself as CSRSS.EXE in the Windows directory. It then sends a message to the infected user's address book.

Many internet security companies have updated software to handle the virus. Still, internet security software companies urge users to regularly update their antivirus definitions to deal with new threats.

The "Here you have" scam has spread surprisingly fast. Some experts put the number of infected computers in the hundreds of thousands just a day after the virus was discovered. The search term "here you have" quickly vaulted to No. 2 on Google.