30 Oct 2010

New cloud service battles botnets and malware

Endgame Systems has launched a new botnet and malware detection service called iPTrust. Unlike most antimalware protection, however, iPTrust is completely cloud based. The company has invested $29 million in the product, which, according to eWeek, collects security data. It then determines which addresses are threats and stores the data in a reputation engine.

The software determines if a security threat exists and then notifies technical support. It can also determine the trustworthiness of a connection by checking to see if it is from a client or not. More than 280 organizations and 250 million IP addresses have been infected with botnets, says Endgame and iPTrust uses this information to determine which connections pose threats.

"With the events data, we know the exact IP address that was compromised, what it did and when it occurred," said Dan Ingevaldson, COO of Endgame Systems, to eWeek.

Because it is cloud-based, iPTrust requires no software instillation. "ipTrust is not in the business of making desktop security software," said Ingevaldson.

Botnets are one of the top threats facing IT security today. Additionally, Endgame says there is an increasing danger of hackers using botnets to access a cloud network’s master account.