10 Nov 2011

Nearly two dozen Japanese government computers infected with viruses

More than 20 computers belonging to members of the Japanese government are now infected with viruses, according to Japanese news sources. One personal computer belonging to a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications was infected, which may have lead to 21 additional infected PCs. These users should invest in stronger antivirus programs to help quell this problem.

The Daily Yomiuri said the incident is similar to viruses that attacked computers belonging to members of the Japanese House of Representatives and the House of Councillors. The ministry will now check 8,000 computers to see if any information has been leaked or if additional computers have been infected.

Viruses reached the computers via emails sent on July 28, according to the news sources. The sender's name was in Japanese and the subject was in regard to "documents released by the [government's] emergency disaster relief headquarters."

According to the Yomiuri, the infected computers are from 10 different divisions of the ministry. After analyzing the virus, it was found to be a Trojan horse virus, which was able to control and manipulate the computer. Heightened internet security measures should be taken by the ministry.