16 Sep 2010

Nearly all Canadians expect 'something bad' online

An overwhelming number web surfers in Canada believe they will be the victim of cyber crime, according to a new survey.

Ninety-nine percent of Canadian respondents to the global survey said they expected to experience some form of fraud, identity theft or "something bad to happen to them" online. The number isn't much better for the rest of the world, with 97 percent of respondents expecting to experience cyber crime.

Perhaps feeding their paranoia, 85 percent of Canadian respondents didn't think cyber criminals would ever be brought to justice.

"It's almost all of us. I think they have more of a sense of online doom," said an expert for a Canadian internet security company.

The study surveyed 7,000 adults in 14 countries across the globe. Sixty-four percent said they have been victims of online crime, and 75 percent said they felt responsible.

While Canadians are worried about online crime, many Americans are willing to risk being infected by clicking on a suspicious website. Thirty-two percent of respondents in a separate survey said the temptation to click a suspicious link or website was greater than their fear of malware infection.