23 Feb 2012

Nearly 16,000 Iranian computers infected by Stuxnet

Iranian officials are saying the powerful Stuxnet virus has infected 16,000 computers in the country, which may prompt residents to consider investing in better antivirus software to defend against security threat.

Nuclear facilities in Iran and other sites in the country were infected with the malicious virus, as well as key nuclear fuel protection locations. However, country officials said the threat was neutralized and the malware was not able to cause any damage.

According to The Associated Press, "semiofficial" news source Fars reported Saturday that an intelligence chief from Iran said 16,000 computers were infected, but it was not clear if they were in Iran or across the world. There is a difficulty obtaining antivirus software in Iran due to international sanctions, so the company may need to figure out its own design for an antivirus program and internet security.

Users across the world should take note of this type of cyber warfare taking place and be sure to protect themselves and their devices with the strongest measures for internet security.