25 Feb 2014

National Data-Breach Notification Law Needed, US Attorney General Says

US Congress should create a national standard compelling businesses who have suffered data breaches to notify affected customers, US Attorney General Eric Holder said in a video message.

In view of recent cyber-attacks on retailers, the new law would help the US Department of Justice fight crime, protect customer privacy and prevent identity theft. 

“Although Justice Department officials are working closely with the FBI and prosecutors across the country to bring cybercriminals to justice, it's time for leaders in Washington to provide the tools we need to do even more: by requiring businesses to notify American consumers and law enforcement in the wake of significant data breaches," Holder said.

He said this legal decision would empower American citizens to protect themselves. Timely notification would help people manage their personal information before it gets misused.

At the moment, 45 US states have data-breach notification laws.