21 May 2011

NASA attacked by hacker

Although NASA continues to look to space, on earth, hackers are reportedly targeting the agency. A Romanian hacker recently claimed to have breached a computer server at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to gain access to confidential data.

The hacker, known as TinKode, wrote on his Twitter account "NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - (Hacked) 1 Server Access.[sic]" TinKode also provided a screenshot of what the hacker said is a Goddard Space Flight Center server.

The hacker is also responsible for other attacks, including breaches of MySQL.com, Mod.uk, Water.weather.gov and Army.mil.

"The necessary steps were taken to protect the infrastructure at that time," Rob Gutro, deputy news chief at the spaceflight center told SecurityNewsDaily. "NASA doesn't discuss the details of our IT security but remains vigilant to secure the security of our sites."

As cyber criminals continue to target all types of organizations, cyber security is on the minds of many Americans. According to a study Unisys, potential internet security concerns increased by 35 percent since August, reaching the highest levels since the WikiLeaks incident.