16 Jul 2013

Musician Ronnie Radke’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked

The official Twitter account of American musician Ronnie Radke was allegedly breached, according to Softpedia. A message reading “hacked” was posted to his more than 557,000 followers.

“I'm due for a miracle,” Ronnie Radke tweeted three hours after the attack. If hackers really managed to grab the songwriter’s account, they can still post messages on his behalf.  

Ronnie Radke is not the only celebrity whose Twitter account was recently breached. In June, pranksters also posted a message that read “hacked” on Kathryn Bernardo’s micro-blogging platform. The Filipina actress, who has over 2 million followers on Twitter, didn’t see the message for a couple of hours.   

Twitter accounts are easy to compromise because of poor security measures, easy-to-guess passwords and phishing attacks. When breached, they are often used for pranks. In February this year, Burger King’s Twitter account was suspended after hackers posted a message about a fake merger between the company and rival fast-food chain McDonalds. The controversial tweet reading “We just got sold to McDonalds!” produced a lot of confusion among Burger King’s fans.