07 May 2014

Mozilla Seeks to Prevent Discrimination Between ISPs

Mozilla is petitioning the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to adopt clear and democratic rules to prevent ISPs from blocking or discriminating against edge providers, such as wireless networks.

The initiative comes after the FCC announced plans to allow broadband providers to charge web services to prioritize their traffic, which goes against net neutrality practices.

Net neutrality advocates say companies could gain advantage over competitors by paying ISPs for preferential treatment for their company's data.

“We, too, are concerned that the FCC’s approach would not adequately safeguard the open Internet,” Mozilla representatives said. “Innovation and competition require nondiscriminatory access for all edge providers to end user subscribers, without blocking, throttling, or prioritizing one option relative to others.”

The company suggests the FFC consider remote delivery services as telecommunications services under Title II of the Communications Act to “enforce meaningful net neutrality”.

“Mozilla’s proposal would help ensure that the Internet continues to be an innovative and open platform, central to our individual growth and our collective future,” the Internet company adds.