12 Jan 2012

Mother complains about school's internet security

A 15-year-old girl's mother is complaining that the internet security at Nepean High School in Ontario, Canada, is not good and that students are vulnerable to pedophiles and other predators, according to the Ottawa Citizen. The mother, Laura Lobay, said the children are able to access the internet over an open, unsecured network.

Lobay told the news source her daughter, who has autism, tried to run away to live with a 28-year-old man she met on the internet. She was intercepted by police and Lobay tried to take the internet away from her, but she didn't realize the school allowed children to look at the internet unrestricted.

The resource director of the school emailed Lobay and said the school had "removed a major level of defense. Previously you needed to 'plug in' in order to access the internet, which made it easy to limit access when a student was using a laptop." She was under the impression the school had a closed network.

Even if there is internet security to limit internet access at schools, the International Business Times said many children are using proxies to get to restricted websites. Schools shouldl use security and monitoring measures to make sure students are staying safe online.