07 Dec 2011

Most users use weak passwords, report finds

With the knowledge that cybercrime is on the rise, those who surf the internet should make sure they not only have internet security and other protective programs, but common sense should come into play as well. A report by Consumer Reports shows that 75 percent of Americans don't use the strongest type of passwords for sensitive accounts.

The report shows that 32 percent of respondents used a personal reference in their password, 29 percent store their passwords on insecure devices and almost 20 percent use the same password for five or more accounts, all of which can be very dangerous.

Consumer Reports made some suggestions for online protection against criminals, including not to use the same password twice ever, avoid obvious passwords, make them strong with numbers and letters mixed together, and secure computers with antivirus software and other programs.

Even with strong passwords, ZDNet said there are programs out there called GPUs that can crack online users' passwords within days. People who want to protect themselves should be using strong internet security and antivirus software.