02 Mar 2012

More viruses could be coming for Google Android devices

The need for mobile antivirus software is becoming more and more apparent every day. If people haven't been hit themselves yet, Forbes reports that both Android and mobile malware has been on the rise since early 2011.

"A person typically installs worms by inadvertently opening an email attachment or message that contains executable scripts," Forbes said. "Most of those incidences will occur on an Android, mostly because it is an open system. The iPhone OS, by comparison, is a closed operating system where only certain Apple approved products can be loaded onto the device."

Due to this, Android receives the majority of the code writers going after it, which means the world may be a much more dangerous places for those using the Android operating system for their mobile devices.

A study by the University of California, Berkeley from last year shows that mobile malware is evolving into something that may eventually rival desktop viruses and malware. People taking the wait and see approach on mobile antivirus software may be in for a rude awaking, as it seems this is a trend that will not be stopping anytime soon.