08 Mar 2012

More than 200,000 websites infected by rogue virus

A widespread fake antivirus campaign has hit more than 200,000 websites and about 30,000 unique web hosts, according to a security company. The virus attack has infected thousands of users who have WordPress Installed on their computers.

People that visit an infected website are redirected to the home of the rogue program which then tries to download on the person's computer. If this program is installed onto the computer, it could severely harm the user's computer and leave information vulnerable. Reports say more than 85 percent of the compromised websites are in the United States.

In this case, the virus wants the user to believe it is running a scan on the computer and detecting multiple bits of malware to get someone to download the program. This could scare some users into downloading the false program and hurting themselves in the process.

Bloggers who use WordPress and others who frequent these websites should make sure they have internet security programs running to help quell the chances of contracting a virus. Everyone who surfs the web should have antivirus software installed, updated and running to help prevent the spread of viruses.