12 Aug 2013

More than 1,200 Arrested in China for Trafficking in Personal Information

Chinese police arrested 1,213 people for trafficking in personal information, according to CRI. The alleged cyber-criminals are part of almost 500 separate groups that stole and resell financial and other personal details on the black market.

Authorities recovered more than 700 million pieces of personal information and seized computer equipment, including hard disks, tracking and positioning devices. In early April, police in Beijing and Hebei found that one of the dismantled criminal rings operated across 20 provincial and city regions.

The Ministry of Public Security said it will continue to dismantle such cyber-crime rings and ensure “people's legal rights are well protected.” Authorities also reminded the public to improve their security awareness and avoid disclosing personal information.

Over 20 law enforcement organizations including Beijing, Hebei and Shanghai participated in the cyber-crime operations. Chinese authorities have initiated three national campaigns against similar criminal rings since the beginning of last year.

A recent report revealed China is the country of origin for most computer breaches. This doesn’t necessarily imply that the Asian country is the most aggressive region in terms of cyber-attacks, but perhaps that permissive legislation allows cyber-crooks to abuse Chinese resources.