07 Jun 2011

More employees use smartphones, security an issue

As employees adopt mobile devices, security remains an important issue. According to a recent study by Xerox, smartphones, in particular, have transformed the way workers operate.

According to the study, 75 percent of enterprises have policies in place for employees to bring their own devices to work. While this offers increased productivity, it also opens up the possibility of data being hacked. IT departments now must have proper tools in place to protect against stolen devices and provide the ability to wipe data from them when they are misplaced.

Also, departments must enforce strong passwords to deter against mobile threats. More internet security companies are currently offering applications and updates for mobile devices to protect against such attacks, whereas before, mobile solutions were provided by the device vendors themselves, the report stated.

"But third-party solutions from vendors … tend to offer more capabilities - including the ability to push out apps and updates - for more different types of devices," said Xerox.

An internet security company recently released the beta version of its mobile security platform for Android-powered smartphones to protect against phishing attacks and viruses. Google's Android Marketplace has come under scrutiny for a virus that struck several months ago, affecting 260,000 devices.