06 Jan 2011

Montana-based computer firm advises locals of viruses

Missoula, Montana-based computer firm Univision Computers recently alerted people about the threat scareware poses to their internet security, according to KAJ18.com, a local news organization.

Scareware is often served through website popups that falsely tell people their computers are infected with viruses, registry errors and other cyber threats. People typically believe these claims and purchase the rogue antivirus solutions that serve as a means to steal credit card information and other sensitive personal data, such as Social Security numbers.

"Clients who do that discover that they have a charge on their credit card, their credit card information is out there for the crook who invented the scareware and their computer is often even further infected and sometimes completely disabled," Penny Lyons, Univision Computers customer service representative, told the news provider.

There are a number of methods people can employ to prevent the negative impact associated with any computer virus. Obviously, reliable pop-up blockers can help people avoid seeing these false advertisements in the first place. But web security vendors advise consumers to update their solutions as frequently as possible to scan their machines for any malicious software.