08 Nov 2011

Mobile security software may be needed with new smartphone malware

According to a new internet safety campaign called Get Safe Online, mobile security software may be need by many as mobile malware has increased 800 percent in the past four months. The U.K. security initiative said hackers are using online app stores to get smartphone users to download "rogue apps," which allow the fraudsters to gain access to payment and personal information of users, according to The Banking Times.

"Malware is very bad news for users and businesses alike," Adrian Mursec, senior developer of the Eword, said, according to the website. "Smartphone owners need to ensure they protect themselves by learning about their phone's security settings and checking them regularly."

Rik Ferguson, director of Get Safe Online, said on Banking Times' website that the type of malware on the mobile device is capable of sending text messages to premium rate numbers. Some of these can be sent every minute and be worth about $10 per message.

The campaign said 59 percent of smartphone users have bought one of their devices in the past year, according to the campaign. About a fifth of U.K. cell phone users are downloading new apps at least once a month, so mobile security software may become a necessary installation for these users.