03 Jun 2011

Mobile security a concern growing concern

As the market for smartphones continues to flourish, more companies appear worried about potential malicious security attacks. According to a recent study by ISACA, a nonprofit of more than 95,000 IT professionals across the globe, companies in India are fearful of the vulnerability of mobile devices.

According to the study, 92 percent of IT leaders in India said mobile devices are a threat to enterprises, while more than 50 percent have established some form of policies and systems to protect against mobile threats. These protection solutions include encryption and password requirements, as well as application installations, the company stated.

"Mobile devices and mobile computing are posing tough questions to organizations," said Sandeep Godbole, a member of the ISACA India task force. "These pertain not just to technology but also fundamental questions related to intent and strategy. The survey results are an eye opener and present an interesting dichotomy from the governance of IT perspective."

As more people and companies adopt mobile devices, cyber criminals continue to target users even more. According to an internet security company, employees are accessing company information, increasing the likelihood of hackers accessing the system, as well as developing new viruses, spyware and Trojans.