20 Dec 2010

Mobile malware jumped in 2010, study says

Computers are not the only devices that cyber criminals target anymore. According to a recent study by AdaptiveMobile, 2010 saw a significant jump in malware aimed specifically at smartphones.

According to survey, the amount of malware aimed at smartphones increased by 33 percent in 2010. Android-based smartphones were hit particularly hard. Accoding to AdaptiveMobile, the number of identified exploits for Android increased by 400 percent in 2010 from 2009.

By comparison, Nokia’s Symbian and Apple’s iPhone both saw declines in the amount of malware they faced. Windows CE-based malware rose 7 percent and 45 percent of exploits targeted Java-based apps.

"With the increasing pervasiveness of Smartphone devices, 2010 has undoubtedly been the year that fraudsters have truly turned their attention to mobile platforms," said AdaptiveMobile COO Gareth Maclachlan. "The vast majority of consumers are acutely aware of the threats that PC-based viruses, spam messages and phishing emails pose, but many are still unaware of the risks associated with their mobile devices."

According to a recent report by Europe’s Network and Information Security Agency, smartphone security risks, including malware, are on the rise and should be a cause for concern for smartphone users.