01 Sep 2011

Mobile-based hacking becoming a growing trend

A malicious email is circulating that claims to be from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and is leaving computers affected with malware, according to Mashable.

The emails subject line reads "URGENT: Pending Consumer Complaint!" and the FTC urges those who have come across the email to call their hotline.

"One business owner said when they clicked on the link their computer immediately froze - that's never a good sign," David Torok, the FTC's associate director of planning and information, told Mashable.

The FTC posted advisories on its phone line, social accounts and blog, informing those who have come across the email that the message is a scam and warning recipients not to open the message.

Another trend for hackers is attempting to infiltrate mobile phones. According to Gulfnews.com, hackers now, more than ever, have turned to hacking smartphones due to their lack of anti-vrius or any-spyware security.

With more people having smartphones, they store more data on them. Data such as call history, contacts, messages, social networking and other apps are all things that hackers can obtain when looking for personal information.