29 Nov 2011

Millions of South Korean gamers hacked

Personal information of more than 13 million South Korean game subscribers has been compromised, according to the Korea Communications Commission. Nexon Korea Corporation had the information of many of its gamers leak, meaning the company may need to invest in more advanced internet security.

The KCC said Nexon reported last week that it discovered the online game Maple Story had 13.2 million subscriber's information leak, which included IDs, names, registration numbers and passwords. KCC said it is now jointly investigating the hacking with policy and security experts.

"We are taking all measures to prevent possible damages from the leakage and will come up with follow-up measures to ease your anxiety," CEO Seo Min told Nexon.

Maple Story's 18 million subscribers have been asked to change their passwords to prevent additional damage. Reuters reports that the incident is the largest security breach since July, when 35 million users of a website had their information stolen by Chinese hackers.