03 Oct 2011

Miley Cyrus sex tape link contains virus, reports say

A Miley Cyrus sex tape rumor hit Twitter, but news sources are saying the link contains malicious malware. Antivirus programs should be fully updated and activated to keep viruses such as this one away.

Gather said the link was heavily circulated over the last week and has caused a ruckus on the internet. Users were hacked with a virus that appeared when they clicked the video. If antivirus software was in place, the International Business Times said there was a video shown of a woman that looks like Cyrus but is definitely not her.

A similar rumor circulated last year, also containing a virus housed in a fake video. Gather said that anyone who surfs the web daily looking for celebrity gossip should have a strong antivirus program running at all times, as viruses are frequently used to get access to people's computers in cases such as this.

The link title is "Miley Cyrus Sex Tape" and is making the rounds on the web still. Gather said that as soon as the new link is clicked, virus alerts start pinging and antivirus software should quarantine the information downloaded.