28 Nov 2013

Microsoft to Reinforce Security after NSA Spying Report

Microsoft plans to encrypt its internet traffic to fend off any National Security Agency intrusions, according to The Washington Post.

The company’s initiative to reinforce its security comes after leaked documents show Microsoft is targeted by the same NSA surveillance program used to access Google and Yahoo’s internet traffic.  

MUSCULAR, a high-tech spying project, includes references to Microsoft’s Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger services, as shown in two slides revealed by former NSA employee Edward Snowden.

Microsoft officials said “they don’t have independent verification such surveillance of their internal data centers is occurring,” according to Reuters.

However, the company talked about its encryption efforts at a recent shareholder meeting.

“We’re focused on engineering improvements that will further strengthen security,” said Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith. “Including strengthening security against snooping by governments.”

As a result, Microsoft announced the launch of Office 365 Message encryption, a service that allows users to send encrypted emails to people outside a company.

Google, Yahoo and Twitter have also bolstered their encryption methods following recent NSA revelations.