17 Jan 2012

Men behind Facebook virus 'Koobface' revealed

Facebook is one of many social media websites where hackers will try to target users and infect them with viruses and malware, so people should always keep this in mind and have their internet security protection ready to go. One such group of hackers has been revealed by investigators.

A group of five men living in St. Petersburg, Russia, were named as the masterminds behind the "Koobface" virus on Facebook. PC World reports that the men have been known by Facebook and security officials, but they had yet to be revealed to the public. Koobface came out with a "smart" version last year, the news source said.

"Typically, the malware used existing accounts to spread its mischief throughout Facebook," John Mello writes on PC World. "The smart variation uses the botnet itself to create bogus account that can be used to spread the malware. The technique has proven to be an effective one and one Facebook's defenses appear ill equipped to stop."

ZD Net reports that Facebook has managed to fight off the worm, with Joe Sullivan, Facebook chief security officer, adding that their goal was to make Facebook un-profitable for the group of men. Users should still keep their antivirus software running when on these websites to make sure they avoid infection.