21 Nov 2011

Many ways to reduce chance of getting malware

With the fight against viruses and malware ever present on the internet, one website gave advice on how to avoid malware and keep computers running clean and quickly. Dynamic Business said the best way to avoid malware is learning about how it is caused and how to avoid it.

The website said antivirus software and anti-malware software are great ways to stay clean, as well as being vigilant with what websites are visited and what links are being clicked. Dynamic Business said it is also important to keep operating systems, applications and programs up to date.

"Keeping all your network applications and programs up to date is pivotal for any company, no matter what the size of the organization," the website said. "The risk of updating some and not others opens you to zero-day vulnerabilities, scenarios where hackers look to exploit holes in code, which may arise due to incompatibilities between updated programs."

PC World said those with phones need to also be concerned about malware and viruses. The website said to get an antivirus program for a mobile device and be sure to research what app is going on the phone.