29 Jul 2011

Many internet attacks start in Asia

Almost half of worldwide attack traffic on the internet originates in Asia, making that continent a hub for computer security threats, according to a recently released report from internet platform provider Akamai.

Though it had never before cracked the top 10, Myanmar came in at number one on Akamai's list of the top 10 countries to originate malicious web activity during the first quarter of 2011. Asia was also represented in the top 10 by Taiwan (3), China (5), India (7) and Hong Kong (8).

Akamai reports Myanmar accounted for 13 percent of attack traffic in the first quarter even though only 25 unique ports were targeted from that country. Nearly half (45 percent) the attacks coming from Myanmar targeted Port 80, the "www/http" port that was the target of 11 percent of all attacks worldwide, making it the second most-attacked port behind 445, assigned to Microsoft-DS. Microsoft-DS was the port attacked by the notorious Conficker worm in 2008.

Attacks coming from the United States, number 2 on the list of attack traffic originators, targeted tens of thousands of ports.

Romania appeared at number nine on the Akamai top 10 list. Earlier this month, more than 90 people were arrested by Romanian authorities for their alleged role in an online fraud scheme. The U.S. Justice Department collaborated with Romanian investigators to disrupt this network of cyber criminals.