14 Sep 2011

Many Facebook apps turn out to infect computers with viruses

A fake Facebook application called "If I Die" is supposed to allow users to record a video message to be played after their death, but really harbors a payload, including a keylogger than can steal passwords, email and other sensitive information, according to Security News Daily.

The fake app also creates a back door, exposing victims' computer to receive commands from remote sources from botnets, and can even take pictures from an infected computers webcams, says the news source.

The news source says to avoid encountering issues like this one users should make sure Facebook apps they want to click on are legitimate should ensure the computer has up-to-date anti-virus software.

There are many viruses that can enter computer pretending to do a service for the computer owner.

These viruses are known as Trojans and run malicious code, which gives hackers access to personal information or damages a computer.