01 Mar 2012

Many companies said networks breached due to spam

Internet security and antivirus software becomes much more important when it comes to small and mid-sized businesses, as a security breach can go a long way toward bringing one of these companies down. A new survey by IT services company GFI Software said 44 percent of U.S. businesses said their networks have been breached due to malware-laden spam.

Companies are wary of spam, as 72 percent said they receive too much and 84 percent said their organization has either seen an increase or no change in the amount of spam they have gotten in the past year. About 90 percent of companies said they regularly educate employees about the risk of opening spam.

"This research shows that the spam problem is not going away, and in fact, the delivery of malicious links and files makes it more dangerous than ever before," said Phil Bousfield, general manager of GFI Software's Infrastructure Business Unit. "Businesses need to respond by taking advantage of all the latest spam-fighting technologies available to them. The most effective way to stop spam is to employ a multi-layered defense that encompasses on-premise and cloud-based anti-spam solutions."

Ed Bott writes on ZDNet that despite a lot of bad guys trying to give people malware are out there, they are somewhat predictable and can be taken down or stopped with antivirus software and other internet security measures.