08 Mar 2012

Malware trying to trick anti-Putin protesters

Those who don't like Vladimir Putin, who was re-elected as the president of Russia last week, may run into some trouble online, especially if their internet security doesn't have its guard up. One security company said there is a spam campaign right now that is designed to put malware on the computer of anti-Putin protesters.

Emails are being sent out to those who have made it know that they are against Putin with a Trojan.Dropper attachment. Those who look at the document see the deal of an anti-Putin meeting with a map, but if enabled there will be a Trojan virus running in the background. This apparently links to the Trojan.Smoaler threat, which will delete various .exe, .xls and .zip files from the user's computer.

The Smoaler virus destroys these files by overwriting them and runs code to cause the computer to crash. People who make it known that they are against the Russian president's reelection should be very wary of every email that comes into their inbox from this point on.

Emails are clearly trying to take on a large internet security attack, as the file size of the attachment with these emails is averaging more than 500 KB, whereas spam messages usually average about 10 KB. Installing antivirus software on a computer is one way to avoid these nasty viruses.