23 May 2011

Malware tips for ensuring protection

For computer users, viruses are not the only threats to internet security. According to a recent report by an antivirus software company, malware, malicious code and programs are also major threats for computer users.

During the first half of 2011, 10 million instances of malware will strike computer users. According to the report, there are several ways to stay protected, including understanding the threat. Since malware is more difficult to detect than viruses, installing a malware removal program is vital.

Another way to protect against malware is to make sure the Windows operating system is constantly updated. The Windows update option provides increased security by staying ahead of potential threats.

“Avoid browsing a site if your security suite prompts you that it may contain malicious spyware or a virus threat,” said the company. “Also avoid any website that automatically runs its own scripts without seeking your permission.”

Last month, the amount of malware increased 26 percent from April 2010. Overall, 73,000 variants of malware were released on a daily basis last month, according to a recent report by an internet security company.