26 Apr 2011

Malware targets Chrome users

It appears more cyber criminals are targeting Google’s Chrome web browser with malware attacks, according to a report by ZDNet.

The latest tactic used by cyber criminals is social engineering, rather than a site containing an exploit, according to one report. The malware appears to be a legitimate web link, but prompts a pop-up window with a system security warning that says it will perform a system scan of the problem.

The customized malware attack looks nearly identical to the Google Chrome security warning. After the fake scan is completed, it prompts the user to download software for further protection. However, the prompt is written with poor English grammar, which may be the saving grace for a potential victim.

“But a user whose primary language is something other than English might well be fooled,” wrote ZDNet’s Ed Bott. “And the malware author has anticipated the possibility that you might click Cancel in the dialog box. If you do, it still tries to download the malicious software.”

A cyber security expert recently stated that cloud-based malware identification and information capabilities could eliminate up to 90 percent of malware if proper collaboration takes place across the IT industry.