01 Jun 2011

Malware targeting Firefox users

Cyber criminals are currently targeting users of the web browser Mozilla Firefox with fake virus warnings, according to a recent report by an internet security company.

The scareware campaign features what appear to be legitimate Firefox Security Alerts, including a system scanning and names of viruses found. In order to remove the viruses from their computer, users are prompted to purchase fake software to eliminate the threats.

"Taking advantage of detailed information about the person’s computer and software allows for a much more specific, believable social engineering attempt," wrote Chester Wisniewski, senior security advisor at the security firm.

Wisniewski also stated that Firefox does not include a virus scanner, so any warning about viruses through the web browser are fake. If a user does come across a warning and is unsure, they should close the browser rather than take a chance.

During the first half of 2011, 10 million instances of malware occurred, according to an internet security company. For computer users, there are ways to ensure protection, which includes installing a malware removal program and making sure the Windows operating system is constantly updated.