07 Mar 2011

Malware scam attacks websites

According to Mail Online, a recent malware scam have have affected tens of thousands of computers through malicious advertisements.

The scam involves several high-profile websites, including Autotrader, Vue and the London Stock Exchange. The advertisements caused fake virus warning pop-ups that, if clicked, would ask the user for payment to remove the fake virus.

According to reports, it’s believed only companies running PCs were affected by the malware. The London Stock Exchange shut down its website, while advertising company Unanimis spent three hours removing the malware.

“The adverts they chose to modify were not being widely distributed,” said David Nelson, operations and IT director of Unanimis, told the BBC. “This, coupled with the attack taking place on a Sunday evening, limited how many people fell victim. We have to count ourselves lucky in some respects.”

The Computer Security Institute recently released its year-long survey regarding computer crime and security. Of those surveyed, 45.6 percent reported they had been attacked at least once in the past year. Malware remains the most common attack, according to the report.