10 Jun 2011

Malware exploiting browser update flaws

Cyber criminals continue to find vulnerabilities to exploit unsuspecting computer users. According to a recent study by an internet security company, hackers are targeting uninstalled updates for browsers, advancing malware threats in the cyber world.

Since the end of last year, hackers have targeted Java security holes, enticing computer users into downloading fake antivirus software programs, the company stated. This type of malware has become so prevalent that it's overtaken PDF security vulnerabilities.

"Even though an enormous number of program updates are being provided, users should not be fooled into deactivating automatic update functions," said Ralf Benzmüller, head of the internet security company. "Not only does this apply to Java, but it should also apply in general to all browser plug-ins used and all applications installed on the PC."

Another development revealed by the study indicated an increase in malware that installs unwanted software, called PUPs.

In April alone, cyber criminals unleashed 73,000 variants of malware on a daily basis, an increase of 26 percent from the previous year, according to an internet security report.