27 Sep 2011

Malicious viruses attacking email marketers

An increasing amount of attacks are happening to email marketers, as spammers look to find high power accounts to send out mass amounts of emails. Marketers and anyone who uses email frequently should protect themselves with up-to-date internet security and antivirus software.

Websense Security Labs said they have observed a rise in spam being sent from corporate webmail accounts. More email accounts belonging to email marketing organizations are being used to send messages with malicious links, according to David Saunders, email threat research team manager for Websense.

Saunders said in most cases, companies are tricked into giving up account passwords through phishing attacks, with webmail accounts with weak passwords easy to attack.

"A simple password may be all that is stopping your organization from sending your entire customer base a malicious email,” Saunders wrote. He said that marketing firms are targeted because their web reputation makes it more likely that email sent from these firms would bypass spam filters. Firms with a good reputation should keep their reputation good by making sure antivirus software is up to date.