13 Jan 2012

Maintenance is an important part of computer upkeep

While computers definitely need antivirus software and internet security to survive on the internet, Alex Wright writes on Bermuda's Royal Gazette that updating and maintaining the computer is also a key part of making sure a computer survives.

John Manderson, president and CEO of Wireless Ventures in Bermuda, told the news source that regular installations and updates of computer viruses and antivirus software will help keep PCs safe. By doing this, necessary patches and updates are installed to help keep away any unwanted programs, including viruses and malware. He recommended updating at least once a week.

“Files quickly get spread all over the hard drive and with heavy use this quickly leads to a slower user experience,” he said. “I always set up a weekly defragmentation schedule for auto defragging."

He said with new computers, once he has it just how he prefers the settings, he runs a backup just in case it needs to be brought back to its original state at some point down the line.

Microsoft said to only install licensed programs to avoid any risk and if someone is working in an office setting, they should immediately let the IT department know if anything is wrong. This can help keep away viruses and keep the network's internet security up and running.