16 Jan 2012

Maintenance is 'boring' - but important - for computers

Although performing computer maintenance can be extremely dull, Bill Husted writes on the Palm Beach Post that it is essential to keeping a computer working over the long run. Users should frequently scan their computer with antivirus software and update programs to make sure everything is working properly.

"No matter which programs you use, make sure you have them set to automatically update," Husted writes of antivirus programs. "The creators of viruses and spyware come up with new twists all the time. Updating the software brings it up to date on the latest threats."

Other things to keep computers running well are getting rid of dust inside of the computer, keeping the hard drive on each computer uncluttered and making sure Windows Registry is clean and running well.

Lifehacker has some other tips for making sure a computer is running well and up to date, including having antivirus software, anti-advertising software, registering software products and installing an emergency shutdown power strip. Having all of these should help users keep up a good level of internet security.