27 Sep 2011

Macs can still get viruses

Although most Apple products seem to get less viruses than PCs, Mikko Hypponen on BetaNews' website said the current version of Mac OS X isn't any more secure than the standard PC. Antivirus software for Macintosh could be helpful for users who may feel under protected.

Hypponen said the main reason why Macs haven't been attacked more is because there are so few of them compared to PCs. He said they simply have not been a very interesting target since there is more money to be made from those using PCs.

"This is changing, however," according to Hypponen. "Especially Apple laptops have been gaining in popularity and in some markets 10 percent or more of new laptop sales are already Macs. This is starting to make them a more lucrative target for the online criminals."

He said feelings inside of Apple are changing too, as simplified antivirus programs are being installed in Apple computers from the manufacturing point.

Jacob Applebaum, a hacker and researcher, is quoted in CNET as saying it is possible to have a well secured or unsecured machine regardless of operating system. He said both Mac and Windows encourage users to download from the internet without thought of security and said users can still catch bugs, making antivirus for Mac important for users.