24 Jun 2011

LulzSec makes political statement with latest hack

In its latest internet security breach, LulzSec, the group responsible for a barrage of recent hacks, claimed the Arizona Department of Public Safety as its victim. Yesterday, LulzSec released hundreds of sensitive and classified documents from the AZDPS, including personal email correspondence and internet passwords belonging to law enforcement officials.

In a post on their official website, LulzSec said the majority of the documents pertain to counter-terrorism and border patrol operations. The post specified the hack was a protest against Arizona's immigration laws, particularly SB1070.

SB1070, which authorized police to detain suspected illegal immigrants and made it a misdemeanor to not carry papers verifying citizenship status, caused a furor upon its passage in the spring of 2010. The law has since been challenged in the courts.

LulzSec recently announced its partnership with Anonymous, another prolific hacker group, to undertake a campaign against government websites. The LulzSec website post related to the AZDPS hack concluded with a declaration that hackers are joining together to topple "oppressors" such as governments, police and corporations. Initially, LulzSec did not use such highly-charged, politically-oriented rhetoric, and did not seem to be motivated by an agenda for social change. Rather, on its website homepage, the group declared it aimed to spread "fun, fun, fun."