27 Jun 2011

LulzSec invokes Hitler, Bin Laden in farewell message

LulzSec, a hacker group that in less than two months has infiltrated a wide range of corporate and government websites, announced its dissolution yesterday.

In a post on its official website, the group said its members will no longer operate as a collective. The post cryptically invoked the individuality of LulzSec's "crew of six" in explaining why the group was disbanding. The message emphasized that despite their shared belief in LulzSec's goals, each member of LulzSec has individual tastes in music and food, just like everyone else, including Hitler and Osama Bin Laden.

Recently, the group allied itself with another hacker collective, Anonymous, in a campaign against government websites. The farewell post alluded to this "AntiSec" movement and called on hackers around the globe to continue to assault core targets. The CIA, the FBI and the U.S. Senate have all been among LulzSec's victims.

Last week, a British teenager was arrested for his purported role in the group, which denied he was key player. But news sources in both the U.K and the U.S. surmise pressure from law enforcement might not have been the only issue leading to LulzSec's self-proclaimed demise. These sources say LulzSec was also being targeted by other hackers eager to unmask its members.