17 Jun 2011

LulzSec goes after CIA website, FBI switchboard

Hacker collective LulzSec has claimed it rendered the website of the CIA inaccessible for parts of the evening on June 15.

The takedown of the CIA site was part of a weeks-long hacking campaign that has also targeted FBI-affiliated company InfraGard and the U.S. Senate website.

In some cases, the group's activity seems to spring from a political agenda. For example, it claimed that the InfraGard attack was a response to the U.S. government's threat to deploy military force against certain cyber criminals. But yesterday's CIA attack was apparently precipitated by taunting from a Twitter user, who specifically named the CIA as a challenge after criticizing LulzSec for only going after targets with weak internet security.

Furthermore, LulzSec has not exclusively compromised government entities, having also hacked Sony, PBS, Nintendo and Bethesda Softworks, among other organizations.

Today the group used Twitter to release around 62,000 usernames and passwords hacked from sites such as Gmail and World of Warcraft. It also forwarded calls placed to a tweeted phone number to flood the switchboards of magnet retailer Magnets.com and the FBI's Detroit office. These two targets point to the twin impulses of inciting random havoc and baiting the government that inform much of their recent activity.