29 Jul 2011

LulzSec, Anonymous set their sights on PayPal

Infamous hacker groups have called for a boycott of epayment site PayPal, urging users to close their account and post or tweet pictures of the closures. In a note posted on message-sharing site PasteBin, LulzSec and Anonymous say the move is their way of protesting the arrest of 14 of their cohorts for a previous distributed denial-of-service attack against “corrupt and greedy organizations,” the note says.

“In recent weeks, we've found ourselves outraged at the FBI's willingness to arrest and threaten those who are involved in ethical, modern cyber operations,” the statement explains.

As the boycott spreads by word of mouth, shares of PayPal’s parent company, eBay, continue to drop. According to Anonymous, 35,000 accounts had been closed as of July 27, MSNBC reported.

Elsewhere, Anonymous ally LulzSec received a blow this week when its teenage spokesman was reportedly arrested in the Shetland Islands by the Scotland Yard. Confusion has swirled the supposed arrest, as claims that the police had been duped into arresting the wrong person gained steam. Many believed the spokesman, username Topiary, was a man based in Sweden.