10 Oct 2011

London preparing for Olympic cyber attacks

With the 2012 Olympics in London quickly approaching, officials for the games have been thoroughly testing internet security to make sure no worst-case scenarios end up playing out during the games.

Officials said they have tested multiple attacks, such as viruses getting onto organizers computers and a denial of service attack on the website. Olympic bosses said they are unaware of any specific threat but want to be as safe as possible in the months leading up to the games.

Organizers have said so far, so good as far as the cyber safety of the Olympics is concerned. The Technology Operations Center, which will deliver results from Olympics and Paralympics to the media, is set to be able to withstand the danger of cyber attacks. Paul Deighton, chief executive of London's Olympic organizing committee, said the network provides "insulation from the rest of the world that makes it much harder to penetrate."

With its internet security safe, the center's permanent staff of 180 workers are already working to do dry runs of sporting events as they try to identify and fix other problems that could spring up during the summer games. According to the BBC, the 2008 Beijing Olympics were subject to about 12 million online attacks per day.